Plastic surgery

Dr Maciej Charaziński chirurg plastyczny

Dr. Maciej Charaziński plastic surgeon

Dr. Maciej Charaziński plastic surgeon is one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in Poland. He is a member of Polish Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He is a former Medical Head and Chief of Medical Team in the Clinic of Plastic Surgery – Uni Klinik.

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doktor marcin nowak

Dr. Marcin Nowak

This plastic surgeon with several years of professional experience specializes in breast surgery (augumentation, plasty, reduction), abdominal plasty, nose surgery, lift and other procedures such as year plasty, eyelid plasty, and liposuction. Marcin Nowak has a vast professional experience, gained during numerous courses and trainings in Europe, USA and many institutes of plastic surgery in Poland. He participated in scientific conferences in Poland and abroad. He is also an author of publications regarding plastic and general surgery, where he shared his knowledge with other specialists.

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małgorzata chomicka-janda

Dr. Małgorzata Chomicka-Janda

Dr. is a valued authority in plastic surgery with over 20 years of professional experience. Contact with the patient and patient’s satisfaction are a priority for her. As a result of this approach she has been awarded with „Patient’s Laure” several times.

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Maxillofacial surgery –  operacyjna korekta rysów twarzy

Maxillary Surgeon Warsaw – Dr. Marcin Wiśniewski

Maxillary Surgeon Warsaw – Dr. Marcin Wiśniewski

Dr. Marcin Wiśniewski is one of the most known and experienced specialists in orthognathic surgery and implantology. Dr. Marcin Wiśniewski, maxillary surgeon, since many years has been solving problems of patients with even the most complicated bite deviations. He shares his vast knowledge and experience with younger generation of doctors during lectures in the Department of Plastic Surgery, Medical Center of Postgraduate Medical Trainings in Warsaw.

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Lek. med. Michał Zmorzyński – specjalista chirurgii szczękowo-twarzowej

Lek. med. Michał Zmorzyński – surgeon

Michał Zmorzyński is a surgeon and specialist in maxillofacial surgery. At this moment maxillofacial surgery is the focus point of the doctor’s interest. He is passionate about this field. His dissertation ending his specialization won the award of the Health Minister. Since over 10 years he has been gaining experience in implantology. For many years Michał Zmorzyński has been active assistant and lecturer at the Medical University of Warsaw.

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Dr Marcin Maciejak chirurg

Dr. Marcin Maciejak surgeon

Dr. Marcin Maciejak, is one of the specialist in orthognacic surgery working in the Promedion Clinic He graduated from the medical Academy of Warsaw in 2008 and specialized in maxilla-fascial surgery. Since several years he has been an assistant in the Clinic of the Maxillo-fascial Surgery on this University. In his works he focuses mostly on maxillo-fascial surgery. As a specialist he is an active member of the Society of Cranio-Maxillo-Fascial Surgery, Dental Surgery, and Implanatology as well as the European Association for Cranio – Maxillo – Facial Surgery.

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Medycyna estetyczna

Dr n. med. Artur Sandelewski - surgeon – hair transplant

Dr n. med. Artur Sandelewski – surgeon – hair transplant

Dr. Artur Sandelewski is a general surgeon and has obtained PhD in medicine over 10 years ago. He is a member of the Polish Society of Anti-aging and Aesthetic Medicine, the Society of Polish Surgeons and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, which is a group of doctors dealing with professional hair transplantation. Ha has learned his skills over the years participating in many courses and trainings abroad. He was learning from such specialists as Dr. Vinzenzo Gambino and Dr. Akaki Tsilosani.

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nina wiśniewska dermatologist

Dr n. med. Nina Wiśniewska – dermatologist

Dr. Nina Wiśniewska, M.D., dermatologist and venerologist. She is a senior assistant at the Department of Dermatology of the Military Medical University, Ministry of National Defense. She is also the member of Polish Society of Dermatology and Pharmacoeconomy. 

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Lek. Marek Sanocki - specjalista medycyny estetycznej

Dr. Marek Sanocki

Dr. Marek Sanocki graduated from the Medical Faculty of Medical Academy in Lublin and from postgraduate studies in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine in the Academy of Health Promotion in Krakow. He is also a member of Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging.

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Monika Sawa – cosmetologist

Monika Sawa is a cosmetology specialist. She gained professional experience in leading beauty salons in Warsaw. He graduated from the faculty of health promotion. She constantly improves her skills participating in numerous trainings and conferences.

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Kinga Dec - kosmetolog

Kinga Dec

Absolwentka kosmetologii Wyższej Szkoły Inżynierii i Zdrowia. Obecnie swoje kwalifikacje podnosi podczas studiów kosmetologicznych magisterskich na Wydziale Farmaceutycznym Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego. Miłośniczka nieinwazyjnych terapii anti-anging i profilaktyki przeciwstarzeniowej.

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Mgr kosmetologii Malwina Radzikowska

Malwina Radzikowska

Malwina Radzikowska obtained master degree in cosmetology. She is an active participant of many trainings and courses in aesthetic medicine, as well as cosmetology, which are not only her professional passion. She not only participates in numerous trainings but also promotes knowledge in many fields. During trainings in mesotherapy she prepares the participants to perform this procedure on their patients. In our Clinic, Malwina Radzikowska consults patients and performs aesthetic medicine procedures.

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Chirurgia naczyniowa

Dr Jarosław Rosochacki - specjalista chirurgii ogólnej II stopnia i chiururgii żył

Dr Jarosław Rosochacki

Dr. Jarosław Rosochacki is a specialist in general surgery. He is also one of the most experienced specialists in vein surgery in Poland. Dr. Rosochacki is an enthusiast and clinician, who eagerly participates in discussions on the professional forum. He is also a member of Society of Polish Surgeons, Polish Society of Phlebology and European Venous Forum.

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Ginekologia estetyczna

Dr Małgorzata Uchman-Musielak - specjalista ginekolog położnik

Dr. Małgorzata Uchman-Musielak

Dr. Dr. Małgorzata Uchman-Musielak – specialist in gynecology and obstetrics. Since many years she has managed to effectively combine medical practice with scientific career and didactics on the Medical University of Warsaw. She is a member of the Polish Society of Gynecology, Polish Society of Aesthetic and Reconstruction Gynecology, Polish Society of Plastic Gynecology, as well as European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology. She is a forefather of vaginal vestibule surgery using the Vaginal Narrower.

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Dr Andrzej Komor

Dr Andrzej Komor

Dr. Andrzej Komor is a specialist in orthopedics and traumatology. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical Academy in Warsaw in 1992. Under the supervision of Prof. Andrzej Górecki he specialized in orthopedics and traumatology. He specializes in solving problems such as: diseases and injuries of the ankle and foot, diseases and injuries of the shoulder joint, diseases and injuries of the knee joint, and orthotics of the musculosceletal system.

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Surgery, obesity treatment

Dr Michał Spychalski

Dr. Michał Spychalski

Dr. Michał Spychalski is a specialist in general surgery and medical doctor. He is also a member of European Association for Endoscopic Surgery and other interventional techniques and Society of Polish Surgeons. Starting from the beginning of his professional career he was associated with the institute managed by Professor Adam Dziki – Clinic of General and Colorectal Surgery, Medical University in Łódź and for past two years with Specialist Hospital in Brzeziny.

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Mgr dietetyki Agnieszka Zasada

Agnieszka Zasada – dietitian

Agnieszka Zasada is a dietitian, a graduate of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Medical University in Lodz. She participates in many conferences regarding nutrition. She has participated in many practical trainings in the hospital departments, dietary offices, nurseries and nursing homes. Since 2 years she has been helping people, who want to change their dietary habits and since half a year has been running her own Dietary Clinic in Łódź.

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Operating block

Monika Woźniak

Monika Woźniak

Monika Woźniak is a coordinator of the operating wing.
She graduated from the Pultusk Academy of Humanities and specializes in health education and promotion. She gained her professional experience on the Medical University of Warsaw and in Infant Jesus Clinical Hospital in Warsaw.
She participated in numerous trainings and courses in general surgery, is an author of scientific publications and participated in surgical conferences.
Every day she manages the surgical wing and the Vectra XT plastic surgery visualization system.

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Lek. med. Ziemowit Rakowski

Ziemowit Rakowski

Ziemowit Rakowski specializes in anesthesiology and intensive care. He graduated from the 1st Medical Faculty, Medical Academy in Warsaw. He worked and gained professional experience in Bielański Hospital in Warsaw. He has over 10 years of experience in anesthesiology. Since many years he has been cooperating with, among others, specialists in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

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