Dr Cyj Hair Filler

Dr Cyj Hair Filler – Hair peptide therapy

For many people hair loss is a serious problem. Until recently it has been irreversible however, now a special procedure was developed that not only stopes hair loss but also stimulates the growth of new, thicker and stronger hair. Dr Cyj Hair Filler is the first program on the world that stopes hair loss and stimulates the growth of newhair. The Promedicon Clinic, as one of the few centers in Poland, offers this revolutionary method for all patients with hair loss, and thin hair. The procedure is painless, does not require anesthesia and lasts only 30 minutes. It may be an alternative or support for standard hair mesotherapy and administration of platelet-rich plasma. It may be used in both women and men. Spectacular effects are visible after only 2 months. Entire treatment includes only 4 sessions with 2 weeks intervals.

Dr Cyj Hair Filler Warsaw — effects:

– Permanent results already after 4 procedures such as restoration of hair glamor and regrowth.
– Stopped hair loss
-Regrowth of hair
– Thickening, restoration and revitalization of hair
– Short duration – only 4 procedures every 2 weeks
– Technology of prolonged absorption of active substances
– unique formula – combination of hyaluronic acid and 7 peptides

Dr Cyj – composition

Peptide therapy is so effective due to combination of unique components such as:
– Decapeptide-10, octapeptide-11 and octapeptide-2 that increase blood perfusion in head skin and stimulate growth of new hair;
– Decapeptide-18 and decapeptide-28 responsible for activation of hair growth and stimulation of stem cells;
– Oligopeptide-54 that inhibits the effect of the testosterone derivate on hair loss in men and oligopeptide-71, which helps to restore natural hair color.

Due to hyaluronic acid the active substances in this preparation are gradually released and act even 14 days after application. In order to maintain the effect we recommend to repeat the procedure after a year.
Price of the procedure: the first procedure – PLN 750

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