Maxillofacial surgery is one of the pillars of the Promedion Clinic. However, to fully present our abilities in this area, we invite you to check out a detailed list of maxillofacial procedures.

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Maxillofacial surgery – surgical correction of facial featuresimportant information

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The name “orthonatics” is derived from the Greek words “orthos” – simple and “gnathos” – jaw. Orthognatic surgery is a one-jaw or two-jaw surgical procedure which aims at repositioning the mandible or maxilla. The result of this procedure is correct bite and correct position of jaws in relation to each other and the base of the skull. Therefore, the harmonious shape of the face is preserved.

Rotation and spatial displacement are always accompanied by changes in soft tissue structures of the chin, cheeks, mouth and nose tip. The change may be noticeable in every or only in some of the mentioned areas. It depends on the extent of the operation.

The position of the teeth is also changed. A proper jaw position enables to obtain a “good” profile, proportion and harmonious shape of the face. In the old days, dental and skeletal defects were treated only orthodontically. Fixed and removable orthodontic appliances were used in order to rearrange the position of teeth in the arch so that occlusal contacts would be more favorable despite the interelation of the upper and lower jaw.

We call this method orthodontic camouflage, since it improves masticatory function without actually changing the position of the jaws. Unfortunately, after applying this method, the face profile worsens significantly. In our clinic you can choose from a wide range of orthognathic procedures that will not only restore normal chewing mechanics, but will also improve the shape of the face.