powiększanie biustu

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular and most frequently performed procedures on the world. It provides both breast enlargement, and to some extent, correction of the breast shape and symmetry. Many women can regain lost self-confidence, and thanks to the larger, natural-looking breasts, feel really feminine.

Selection of implants

The shape and size of implants must be matched to the patient. In most cases, the shape of implants, whether they are to be anatomical or round, is chosen by the patient.

A few words about the procedure

In the Promedion Clinic, breast augmentation is carried out under general anesthesia and therefore, laboratory tests, breast ultrasound and chest X-ray must also be performed. The incision is usually made in the external section of the aureole in such a way, that the scar is visible as little as possible. The operation lasts approx. an hour and the patient stays in the clinic for 24 hours. Applied implants are covered by a lifetime warranty due to the high quality of materials they are made from.

Is breast augmentation for me?

You should consider breast augmentation if:

      • your breasts are too small for the rest of your body
      • one breast is much larger than the other
      • your breasts have changes significantly after pregnancy
      • you have breast hypoplasia
      • you have undergone mastectomy due to cancer

Breast augmentation – advantages

      • getting rid of complexes
      • long-lasting effects of the procedure
      • better self-esteem
      • more attractive body shape

Preparation for breast augmentation

The doctor orders laboratory tests and breast ultrasound. This allows to significantly limit the qualification for surgery for those, who may have contraindications. In addition, remember to stop smoking and taking blood thinners, such as aspirin. Before going to the clinic, prepare your apartment accordingly.

How does the breast augmentation look like?

Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia. Then the surgeon makes an incision along the submammal fold (less often around the nipple) and dissects the tissues, thus creating some kind of pocket, where the implant is placed. Implants are usually placed under the muscle or fascia. At present, the implants are not placed directly under the gland.


In the first several days after breast augmentation surgery, the breasts may be painful and swollen. Bruises may also appear. It is recommended to use a special compression underwear that supports the proper position of the implants. You also need to limit physical activity. During recovery it is recommended to sleep on the back to avoid pressure on the breasts.


The first effects will be visible immediately after the breast augmentation procedure. However, you must be patient, because you will have to wait a few months for the final results. In order to maintain the best possible effect of the breast augmentation surgery, healthy and active lifestyle is recommended.

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Anatomical, that is with more natural, drop-like shape or the round ones- which is better?
Both implants allow to create pretty, aesthetic breasts. Most of the time it is a matter of patient’s preference.

Are they clearly different from each other?

It would seem so, but a recently conducted and published study showed that an experienced surgeon, when assessing unknown patients, accurately identified the type of implants used only in about 50% of cases.

What determines the size of implants?
Careful and thorough examination – measurement of the patient’s breasts, determination of subcutaneous and glandular tissue thickness. Basing on these details and implant catalogs, an experienced surgeon can suggest 2-3 relatively similar implants, and in cooperation with the patient, respecting her needs, chose the most appropriate one.

Can breast implants be infinitely large?
My friend has enlarged her breasts with X size implants, and you offer me a lot larger / smaller? Perhaps your friend has smaller/larger breasts and therefore less/more subcutaneous as well as glandular tissue and thus, the proposed implant is different. In other words, what’s good and optimal for one patient, does not necessarily have to be the same for the other.

Safety when choosing an implant

Security should be also mentioned. Breast augmentation with correctly selected implants is a safe procedure, while disproportionate selection and insertion can lead to a number of complications, sometimes even serious ones.

Does the shape of the implants and therefore of the breasts changes ?

There are various types of implants, not only differing in shape, but also in the silicone gel used. Nowadays, leading companies produce implants that maintain their shape, which ensures the durability of the obtained effect. But of course, just as natural breasts, breasts enlarged with implants are subjected to gravity over the years.

Are implants used only for breast augmentation?
No. They can be used for correction of some shape and symmetry defects. There is also a group of patients thinking about breast plasty, that is, restoration of their former shape, preventing the breasts from dropping. In these cases the implants are also useful allowing for the correction of the shape and dropping of the breasts.

Changes during one procedure
In the past, such procedures were performed separately, exposing the patient to two surgical procedures. Currently, however, due to precise measurements we are able to choose the right implants and measure the range of elevation nipple and areola and the extent of tissue resection, so that the procedure may be performed during single surgery.

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