Dr. Marcin Nowak – specialist in plastic surgery

This plastic surgeon with several years of professional experience specializes in breast surgery (augumentation, plasty, reduction), abdominal plasty, nose surgery, lift and other procedures such as year plasty, eyelid plasty, and liposuction. Marcin Nowak has a vast professional experience, gained during numerous courses and trainings in Europe, USA and many institutes of plastic surgery in Poland. He participated in scientific conferences in Poland and abroad. He is also an author of publications regarding plastic and general surgery, where he shared his knowledge with other specialists.

Dr. Marcin Nowak education

Dr. Dr. Marcin Nowak surgeon, graduated from the Medical Academy of Warsaw. He specialized in plastic surgery in 2012 in the Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Warsaw, Orłowski Hospital. Marcin Nowak worked and specialized under supervision of Prof. Józefa Jethona, M.D. He has a very rich experience gained during work in public health care facilities offering general surgery procedures as well as plastic ones. In this field, Dr Marcin Nowak further developed his skills among others, in Orłowski Hospital in Warsaw, where he worked as an assistant for 8 years and Center of Medical Postgraduate Training.

Dr. Marcin Nowak, M.D. eagerly participates in public live. He is also an author of many publications and lectures, during which he explains the questions of plastic surgery.

In his free time, he devotes himself to his passion– literature, music and aviation.

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