What is face lift about?

Face and neck lifting Face and neck lifting is a complex procedure involving incision and tightening of the skin by removal of the excess of it. The main goal of the lifting includes reduction of wrinkles and other signs of aging.  It is addressed mostly to mature women and men, who desire to maintain youthful appearance. Previously patients decided to undergo only face lifting however, flaccid and wrinkled skin on the neck did not look well in comparison with smooth face.

Face lifting Warsaw – when you should do it:

You should consider face and neck lifting if:

  • you want to look younger
  • skin on your face and neck is flacid
  • you have so called “double chin”
  • the skin around your maxilla is flaccid

Face Lift – Advantages

  • younger appearance
  • better face shape
  • complex rejuvenation method

Face lifting – preparation for the procedure

Before the operation you will be certainly examined in order to assess the skin condition. The doctor will also specify all changes in face symmetry and scars. You will be asked to quit smoking and stop taking anticoagulants. The surgeon may also prescribe an antibiotic, which you should take before surgery in order to decrease the risk of infection. A day before lifting you should wash your face, neck and hair. Before you come to the Clinic you should organize a transportation back home.

Face lift Warsaw – how we do it:

The entire procedure lasts approximately 2 – 3 hours. In case of neck lift the following procedures can be performed:
Standard lift – incisions are performer starting from the hair line towards ear and further to the hair line. Therefore, the scars are practically invisible because later, they are hidden under hair. In some cases the incision may be also made under chin. Then. the surgeon separates skin from the tissues and removes excess fat tissue and flaccid skin.
Partial lift – In this case, significantly smaller incisions are made only around ears however, final effects are not as visible as in case of a standard lifting.
In case of face lift, the following procedures can be performed:
Standard lift – the incisions are made starting from the hair lain on the temples, around ears and on the lower section of the skull.
Mini face lift – this method is used to correct chosen areas on the face, for example chin.
Mid face lift – also known as medium lifting allows to tighten the skin on the cheeks using incisions under lower eyelids. One of the advantages of this method is the fact that it reduced wrinkles in corners of the lips and in the region around the nose.

Face lifting Warsaw – convalescence:

After the procedure, the operation site will be covered with bandages in order to decrease swelling and bruising. Sometimes, drains are also fixed in order to remove excess blood and fluid. After discharge it is important to keep the head elevated in order to minimalize swelling. In any case you cannot place ice on the neck, because it impairs blood circulation and may lead to death of the skin. In the first several days you should try to rest. You should also avoid touching your face and neck. Do not wear clothes that are put on through the head. Use the cloths with zippers and buttons instead. For at least 2 weeks do not drink alcohol, which may lead to dilatation of vessels further resulting in bleeding.. Remember also to protect scars from sun.

Face lifting before and after

The final outcomes of face lifting may last even up to 10 years. However, you have to remember that the skin on your face and neck will age and later it may be necessary to repeat the procedure

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