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Are you ready to start a professional nutrition program? If so, Orbera gastric balloon implantation surgery is just for you! It’s a simple and fast procedure (up to 30 min).

What is the Orbera balloon?

The Orbera balloon is a soft, silicone balloon that placed into the stomach for six months. Due to partial filling of the stomach, it provides a greater feeling of fullness and satiety after eating a much smaller meal than before. The procedure is simple and fast – it lasts up to 30 minutes. Its proven effectiveness, based on research performed on many patients treated so far, gives hope to many people around the world.

Remember not to eat and drink for 12 hours before the planed procedure. If you do not comply with these requirements, the procedure will not be performed. Also remember to have a close friend accompany you on your way to and from the clinic.

The course of the procedure

A consultation lasting an hour is performed before the procedure, during which the patient receives a dietary plan based on his/her individual needs. Then the patient is transported to an operating room. The procedure involves inserting an empty balloon through the mouth using the endoscope, which is inflated with saline solution. During this time the patient is anesthetized (general anesthesia). A blue dye is added to the saline to indicate a possible balloon leak. It can stain the urine – in this case you should go to the doctor and have your balloon removed.
After the procedure the patient stays up to 6 hours in the Clinic. After this time the patient may be discharged if the doctor does not decide otherwise.

balon orbera

Removal of the gastric balloon

Removal of the balloon, similarly to its implantation, is a simple and quick procedure. After 6 months, the balloon is emptied and removed from the stomach using an endoscope. The patient remains in the clinic for several hours, until the anesthetic medications has subsided.

After balloon implant procedure

During the first days after balloon implantation, you will need to be ready for the discomfort caused by the balloon until your stomach will adjust to it. During this time you may experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and cramps. However, you should remember that the unpleasant time will pass quickly. You can also ask your doctor to prescribe medicines that will reduce the effects of the procedure.
Can I eat after procedure? In the first three days you should eat only liquid meals consisting of water, thin soups, milk or jelly. You should drink small amounts of cold liquids and gradually increase the amount. Otherwise, you will be at risk of more intense nausea or even vomiting. You are not allowed to do physical exercises within the first 48 hours after procedure.
Cost of the procedure: PLN 9500 (The price includes an hour long consultation with a dietary specialist and elaboration of an individual dietetic program on the day of procedure, the entire balloon implantation and its removal including the hospitalization).

Contraindications for procedure:

  • upper gastrointestinal tract surgery
  • constipation, adhesive peritonitis or significant hiatus hernia
  • kidney, liver or lung disease
  • chronic steroid administration
  • Alcohol or drug addiction in the last year
  • pregnancy or breastfeeding.


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