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Hair transplantation addresses the problem of baldness, which affects both men and women around the world. Before surgical treatment of hair loss the patient should undergo specialist examinations in order make sure that there are no other diseases, vitamin deficiencies and hormonal changes. If the tests rule out these problems, the hair transplant can be performed. This procedure has numerous benefits, including increased self-confidence and a younger, more attractive appearance. Hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia, and directly after the procedure the patient can go home.

Hair transplant – transplant methods – transplantation methods

In the Promedion Clinic, both women and men can undergo the hair transplant procedure. Procedures and consultations are performed by Dr. Artur Sandelewski, specialist in hair transplant, member of the Polish Society of Anti-aging and Aesthetic Medicine, the Society of Polish Surgeons and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, which is a group of doctors dealing with professional hair transplantation. We perform the procedure based on three available methods: FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and BHT (Body Hair Transplant).

Hair transplantin women

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Hair transplant – FUE method

FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a modern procedure which involves extremely precise single hair follicle extraction using a special device and subsequent transplantation into the recipient region. One of the main advantages of this method is the fact that the extraction of hair from the donor site leaves only microscopic scars that are not visible with a naked eye and that after the procedure hair may be cut short. The FUE method is a perfect solution for this type of patients, as well as for the people who have already underwent procedures involving hair and another skin extraction is out of question.

Interestingly, hair can be transplanted not only to the skin of head, but also to other parts of the body, for example in order to fill the beard. During one procedure the doctor is able to extract up to 3,000 hair follicles. The procedure may be also extended by mesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma.
FUE hair transplantation is a good solution for both men and women.

FUE hair transplant – preparation for procedure

After medical consultation and possible trichological examination, blood count should also be performed. The patient should stop smoking and drinking alcohol for minimum 3 weeks. On the day of examination it is especially important to wash the head thoroughly However, do not apply any conditioner, lacquer, gel or other cosmetics. If you are preparing for FUE procedure, you have to be ready to cut your hair very short in the donor area. The procedure is preceded by careful analysis of the donor site and determining the extent of the transplant.

The course of the procedure

Hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia using an anesthetic solution that minimizes the side effects. Anesthesia is given in a sitting position, after about half an hour the doctor proceeds to extracts single hair follicles. After the extraction, the extraction site is secured with a dressing. The next step is to anesthetize the site for transplantation- during this stage the patient can talk freely, read books or watch television. The doctor makes small cavities in the skin and introduces transplanted hair follicles into the pre-determined transplantation site. After transplantation, the site is covered with a special ointment. The patient goes home after the procedure without any dressing.

Hair transplant – FUT method

FUT method (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is also known as STRIP method. It is the main method used in hair restoration surgery. This method is especially recommended to the patients who dream of dens air and can tolerate a linear scar, which however is not very visible, when appropriate surgical technique is applied.

The main advantage of this method is shorter duration of the treatment and transplantation of many hair units during a single procedure. The FUT method is especially addressed to the people with longer hair. Thanks to a special stitching technique, the scar is not very visible, and can be covered by longer hair.

Hair transplant with FUT hair – the course of the procedure

As in case of FUE method, FUT is performed under local anesthesia. The patient is anesthetized in a sitting position. In order to perform transplantation, the hair is cut in the region of the taken skin strip – the region measures approximately 15 cm in width and 30 cm in length. The size depends on the number of extracted hair units. The extraction site is stiched with a special technique – so called Trichophytoic closure, thus the scar is completely imperceptible from a distance. The patient should avoid excessive effort for 4 weeks to avoid stretching the wound. The extracted hair units are then prepared for transplantation under stereoscopic microscope. Only the best and most healthy hair are used for transplantation. During preparation of cavities for transplantation the patient may sit comfortably and relax, watch movies, listen to music or read newspapers. After preparation of cavities, the transplants are inserted into the previously prepared lines. After the procedure the physician fixes a small dressing inon the site of the extracted skin strip while the site with transplanted hair is covered with special ointments ant disinfection fluid. The patient prepared in this way ma return home.

Hair transplant – BHT method

BHT method (Body Hair Transplant) – is the latest method of hair transplantation that uses hair from parts of the body other than the head. The body parts most commonly addressed by this procedure include chin, chest and armpits. This method is recommended for patients who have insufficient number of hair on the head for transplantation.

BHT method – course of the procedure

This procedure likewise the other ones is performed under local anesthesia The hair for implantation must be 2-3 mm long. The doctor extracts the hair with special transplantation needle that enables to take the so called units (hair), in the minimum invasive way. This means that the skin in the extraction site is minimally damaged, and therefore the scars are almost invisible. Then, small cavities are made in the previously marked transplantation site for extracted hair. When the hair are being transplanted, the patient may lay comfortably. After the procedure and dressing the patient can return home.

Hair transplant effects

Hair transplantation – important information

Hair transplant – important information is a collection of the most important information about the procedure of hair transplant. Here you will find out how the whole procedure looks like, what you can expect during the procedure and how much time you need to recover, etc.

Before the procedure:

7-10 days before the hair transplant, the patient has to perform the following tests: blood count, coagulation profile, blood glucose level, urinalysis, HBS, HCV. WARNING! Take lab results with you to the Clinic

On the day of procedure

Wash your had without applying any cosmetics such as oils, conditioners and gels. In the morning on the day of procedure eat a light breakfast. If you are taking medicines for hypertension, heart disease or diabetes, you should take them before the procedure as usual. A light breakfast is also recommended.

After procedure

Care recommendations after hair transplantation – download:

Hair transplant – recommendations

You have questions, doubts? Make an appointment with a specialist – Dr. Artur Sandelewski M.D.

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