Nose correction surgery  – what is it about?

Nose correction surgery Nose correction surgery enables to change nose appearance and structure. Rhinoplasty makes it possible to decrease or increase the volume of nose, remove the hump, change the shape the nose tip or enlarged nostrils. Those, who are not satisfied with the shape of their nose may undergo correction surgery in our Clinic. Often, the aesthetic problem is also accompanied by nasal septum deviation and breathing problems. In the Promedicon Clinic it is possible to perform complete correction surgery, which gives a perfect aesthetic outcome and at the same time provides normal nasal patency. In order to be effective, both components of this operation, plastic and laryngological one must be performed simultaneously using an open method. In this way a transplant from nasal septum may be used to build a new construction of the nose.

Nose correction surgery – why is it performed?

Rhinoplasty is performer mostly for aesthetic reasons. Too large nose or a hump may affect self-esteem and be a source of many complexes. Therefore, both women and men undergo nose correction surgery. It should be also emphasized that the nose is a part of the face, which gives it a particular appearance and character. Furthermore, rhinoplasty may also solve problems with breathing.

Nose correction surgery

Who is a perfect candidate?

Nose correction surgery is performer in both men and women, who:

  • are not satisfied with the shape of their nose
  • have breathing problems due to abnormal nose structure
  • the tip of their nose points too far down or up
  • think that their nose is not proportional to the rest of their face
  • are in good health condition

People with thrombo-embolic conditions (e.g. hemophilia) should not undergo nose correction surgery.

Nose correction surgery – advantages

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Better face proportion
  • Improved ability to breathe
  • Significant improvement in shape and size of the nose

Nose correction surgery Warsaw – how should you prepare for surgery?

During consultation the doctor will order laboratory tests, will evaluate your medical history and discus, how the procedure will be performer. At least a week before the operation your doctor will ask you to stop taking anticoagulants (e.g. aspirin). You should also restrain from smoking for two weeks, because it constricts blood vessels.
Before coming to the Clinic you we recommend you to arrange transport back home. It is not recommended to drive by yourselves, because it is possible that you would feel bad and for example faint.

How does the procedure look like?

Nose correction surgery is mostly performer under general anesthesia and lasts approximately 3 – 4 hours. After administration of anesthetic agent the skin is separated from the nose. Then, the surgeon shapes or partially removes the cartilage, removes the hump (if required) or the tip of the nose. The surgeon can also fill the tissue loss, if there is any. Therefore, the final effect is satisfactory. At the end of the procedure the nose is stabilized with thermoplastic dressing and special tampons in order to prevent bleeding.

Convalescence after nose correction surgery

The patient will stay the first night after the operation in the Clinic. On the next day, the tamponade is removed. 7-10 days after surgery the stiches and thermoplastic dressing are removed. Then, the patient receives a plaster dressing, which should be worn at night.
The area around eyes may be swollen. During convalescence it is indicated to avoid sports that may damage the nose (e.g team sports, box or martial arts).
In the first 7-10 after operation it is also recommended to avoid shower, because nose may get wet. We recommend to take a relaxing bath instead.
Up to 3 months after procedure it is not recommended to tan. The sun rays may cause discolorations and abnormal color of the corrected nose

Nose correction surgery before and after

The outcomes of the procedure are permanent if the nose will not suffer serious damage. The first changes will be visible already after removal of dressing and normalization of swelling. However, you should remember that the final effect will be visible after around a year.

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