chirurg naczyniowy warszawaVascular surgery is a field of medicine that deals with the treatment of blood and lymphatic vessel diseases. The peculiarity of today’s time, that is sedentary lifestyle as well as prolonged standing at work are increase risk of blood vessel condition. Today, varicose veins are not only a problem for mature women, but also of young people. Vascular surgery thus becomes a specialty that responds to the needs of an increasing number of patients.

The Promedion Clinic is one of the most modern centers in Warsaw that addresses people with problems involving veins and arteries. When the symptoms such as problems with blood circulation, swelling, visible spiders and varicose vein occur, the first step is to consult with a specialist. In the Promedicon Clinic, consultations in this field are performed by the 2nd grade specialist in general surgery and venous surgery Jarosław Rosochacki.

Phlebologist, vascular surgeon Warsaw – dr Jarosław Rosochacki

Dr. Jarosław Rosochacki has over 15 years of experience in phlebology, and for many years he has been also a senior assistant in the Surgical Ward of the District Hospital in Wołomin. Member of Polish Society of Surgeons, Polish Society of Phlebology and European Venous Forum. Dr. Rosochacki conducted more than 4,000 vascular operations using state-of-the-art methods such as laser and radio waves.

Dr. Rosochacki has participated in numerous courses and trainings focused on laparoscopic surgery, ultrasound diagnostics of venous disorders, sclerotherapy, treatment of lymphatic disorders and modern methods of treatment of venous insufficiency.

Dr. Jaroslaw Rosochacki is happy to train surgeons in performing modern surgeries using the Venefit radio waves.


During the visit, the specialist performs Doppler ultrasound examination, which enables to evaluate patency of the veins and arteries. Doppler ultrasound examination shows the region in the body where the blood flows slower or faster and enables to measure the flow though the vessel. Thus, the physician is able to evaluate the performance of individual veins and arteries. If the examination performed during the visit will confirm the presence of disorders, the doctor will suggest a treatment option that is most appropriate for the patient.

In our Clinic you can choose from out wide offer of vascular procedures. Sclerotherapy is the most popular procedure that has been performed since many years. It involves removal of small spiders and minor varicose veins suing a chemical substance that is injected to the patient’s body. Miniphebectomy is another fast and very effective procedure that is performed under local analgesia. It is based on removal of small varicose veins using special surgical hooks.
You can also use Venefit radio-wave therapy, which was called a gold standard in treatment of varicose veins on the Charls Cross Symposium in London. As an alternative to the standard surgical removal of varicose veins, we also offer sealing varicose veins, that is the VeneaSeal procedure, which enables the precise and effective sealing of affected veins excluding it from circulation.

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Venaseal– treatment of venous insufficiency with tissue glue – read more
Venefit – radio thermoablation of lower limb varicose veins – read more
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