przeszczep tłuszczu na twarz WarszawaTransplantation of fat on the face is a very popular rejuvenating procedure. The adipose tissue is a perfect filler, which can be used on face and body. Own adipose tissue is the best solution because of the natural effect and good tolerability by the body.
Lipotransfer is a great option for wrinkles elimination and skin revitalization and filling the losses. So this treatment can be called a rejuvenating procedure as well as slimming or a modeling one.

Lipotransfer Warsaw

– The patient’s own fat tissue is considered to be the best filler for face modeling, as it is safe, relatively durable and easy to apply – says plastic surgery specialist Dr. Maciej Charaziński, M.D.
– In addition, your own tissue has the following beneficial characteristics: it is biocompatible, has no antigenic properties, does not cause inflammation, is not toxic, it is stable after administration, does not move from the site of administration, is reasonably durable and at the same time absorbable, and most importantly it looks natural. The tissue for transplantation is taken by suctioning fat from the area where it is abundant and injecting it into other sites after proper preparation. After this relatively little-invasive procedure, the facial skin becomes well nourished, smooth and shiny.

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Marcin Nowak, M.D.