Liposuction – what is it about?

Liposuction Warsaw

Liposuction is one of the most frequently performer procedures in plastic surgery. It involves suctioning of excessive fat tissue through very small incisions in the skin using a specialist equipment. Usually it is performed in the region of the abdomen, hips, buttocks, tights, knees, shoulders, neck and breasts. However, this procedure is not meant to lose weight but to shape the body, as well as to smooth and improve the contour. Sometimes it is combined with other surgeries such as abdominoplasty that is correction surgery of the skin on the abdomen, breast procedures – plasties or reduction surgeries or face lifting, which helps to make the effect even better. It is a popular and safe method if the particular indications are followed. However, suction of too large fat tissue volume in order to use liposuction as a way to lose weight may lead to serious complications.

Abdominal liposuction – who is a perfect candidate?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure performed in both men and women. The perfect candidate is a person of normal body weight or minor overweight, who, despite of physical exercise, massages, and diet notices that by any means cannot get rid of fat tissue in some regions of the body and wants to improve body shape. Skin should have appropriate elasticity and good condition to ensure that it will contract over the site, where the liposuction was performed. Obese and extremely obese people are not very good candidates for this procedure. Such patients should lose weight at the first place and then shape their body with liposuction, operative means or combination of these two. Of course, a perfect candidate must be overall healthy.

Liposuction Warsaw – advantages:

  • body shaping
  • improvement of body contour
  • better acceptation of own body, better self-esteem
  • very small incisions almost do not leave scars

How to prepare for the procedure ?

A perfect candidate for liposuction is a generally healthy person with stable, normal body weight or a minor overweight. A perfect candidate does not smoke or quitted smoking. If he has any chronic diseases, his treatment should be well-adjusted. All necessary information regarding qualification, the extend of liposuction, standard tests that need to be performed, as well as additional tests depending on the patient’s condition and additional consultations the patient received during initial consultation.

Liposuction – how does it look like?

Liposuction may be performed under tumescent, local, epidural, intravenous or general anesthesia depending on the region, extend and patient’s preferences. At the beginning the operated region is injected with a special solution. After some time, through small skin incision, a cannula connected to the device that crumbles and sucks out fat tissue, is inserted under the skin. Depending on the extent, the operation lasts from several minutes to two or even three hours. It may be necessary to change patient’s position on the operating table in order to reach desired regions. After the procedure, usually the incision is stitched with single stiches. The wound is covered with dressing and the patient is dressed in a special, post-surgical compression clothing. Usually the patient stays in the clinic for one day under control of the medical professionals.


After liposuction you may expect swelling, which will increase for even couple of days after procedure and will eventually relief later. Initially the compression clothing will fit tihtly, when clipped on the second raw of pins. Later, as the swelling will decrease, the clothing will become more lose and you will have to clip it with the closer (tighter) raw of pins. Bruising may appear, sometimes on a relatively large area, which will change the color to violet after couple of days, then to yellow, and green, and disappear after 10-14 days. After the first days after surgery the patients may experience discomfort, as after contusion however, mostly these symptoms are not severe and can be controlled with painkillers. The patients should prepare to absence from work for approximately 2 weeks. During this time, the patients should rest and relax. We recommend to use the aforementioned compression clothing even for two months after the operation.

Abdominal liposuction Warsaw – outcomes

Liposuction offers good and permanent outcomes under one condition. The patient must maintain constant body weight. As in case of any operation, the final effect will be visible several months later, after disappearance of swelling, reconstruction of tissues and constriction of skin.

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